Egg farmers form Sacco to fight imports

By Staff Writer

Poultry farmers in Kiambu County have registered a co-operative society so as to fetch better prices for their produce and fight imports.

The society is expected to provide breeders with affordable credit to increase production and quality.

According to Zachary Munyambu, County Co-operative Society coordinator, 404 farmers from Kiambu have already registered as members. These members are already rearing 800,000 layers, 400,000 broilers and 200,000 local breeds.

The Sacco intends to recruit at least 4,000 members so as to increase its clout and bargaining power in the poultry market, now flooded with imports of eggs from Uganda and South Africa.

The entry of cheaper eggs from foreign markets has seen the local price of this commodity fall from Sh 280 to Sh 160 per crate.

The price of a 70kg bag of chicken feed goes for between Sh 2,800 and Sh 3,000, while cost of feeds remain high, poultry farmers maintain that their quality is poor, leading to reduced production of eggs. Breeders in Tanzania and Uganda buy 50 kg bag of layers mash at Sh 800 while the same goes for Sh 2,500 in Kenya.

A move by Kiambu poultry farmers to form a group follows appeals made to the Kiambu County Government to set aside a fund that will cushion these farmers against a volatile market. Figures indicate that over 300,000 farmers derive their livelihood from poultry farming.

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