400 farmers trained on modern farming in Narok West

Narok Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu awards certificate to one of the farmers who had a undergone one-week training. Photo courtesy

Farmers in Ilmotiok Ward in Narok West, Narok County have undergone a rigorous training for one week which was sponsored by Kupanda2Grow Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation based in Netherlands.

Over 400 farmers were taught on the modern farming techniques.


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Area Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu echoed that through strategic investments in modern farming techniques, irrigation infrastructure, and access to markets, county administration is set to empower local farmers in enhancing productivity, and stimulate rural development.

Narok Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu addresses farmers who had completed one week training. Photo:courtesy

Ntutu added that fostering innovation in agricultural practices and promoting value addition will unlock new opportunities for agribusinesses, generating employment and income.

Narok Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu with farmers. Photo:courtesy.

He commended the work carried out by the NGO and promised farmers to procure artificial insemination services to improve the quality of their cattle breeds and give them a cooling plant for the farmers to preserve their milk.

By Nancy Masit

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