Afya Sacco set to launch improved ICT systems, enhance service delivery


Afya Sacco has pledged to launch improved ICT systems to enhance service delivery to its members by the end of the year.

Speaking during the Sacco’s Member Education Week in Western region, National Chairperson M/s Beatrice Mogire revealed that the Board of Directors has procured the services of an international top-notch vendor to oversee the digital upgrade.

M/s Mogire expressed confidence that the improvement in the ICT systems will help the Sacco take advantage of the new technologies and tools to help them stay ahead of their contemporaries.

“Digitization of the Sacco will enhance our operational efficiencies and transparency including assurance of strong security. Most importantly, it will enable us to expand our financial services and cut down our overall costs by a huge margin,” she stated.

She further stated that digitization will help the Sacco gain access to real-time data and analytics that will aid in helping the society make informed decisions on customers. 

“With the digital upgrade, our records will easily be accessible and updated in real-time. This will allow our members to view their account balances and transaction history at the press of a button, which resultantly builds transparency. It will also provide a clear and complete audit track for transactions.” Mogire said.

By Erick Nyayiera

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