Avocado farmers urged to form Saccos to curb exploitation, boost earnings

Kisii Governor Simba Arati during the distribution of 200, 000 Hass avocado seedlings to farmers across the county at the Agricultural Training Centre.

Avocado farmers in Kisii County have been asked form Saccos to help them market and sell their produce.

Governor Simba Arati noted the societies will weed out middlemen who have been exploiting farmers.

He spoke at Kisii Agricultural Training Centre (ATC) during the flagging off 200, 000 Hass avocado seedlings to farmers across the county.

“The demand for the avocado is high in the global market. I ask residents to embrace it to boost their earnings” Arati said

The governor noted that if residents are empowered economically, they will not rely on handouts from politicians and instead, they will fund their campaigns.

Avocado, noted the Governor is used to make industrial products apart from consumption as farmers will reap huge profits.


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Arati, flanked by Agriculture Executive Committee Member, Elijah Obwori noted the fruit takes three years to mature, noting, most of it will be exported to boost farmers’ earnings.

“An avocado tree produces at least 200 fruits in the first harvest and each fruit can be sold at KSh10. So, a farmer can earn KSh2000 from one tree,” Arati said, adding, subsequent harvests can be at least 500 fruits.

He asserted in China, a kilogram of Hass avocado is sold at KSh300, more than other cash crops in the county.

The Governor lauded the European Union (EU) through the Instruments for Devolution Advice and Support (IDEAS) programme for partnering with the county to set up avocado nursery.

Residents noted the Governor will buy an avocado seedling at KSh100, emphasizing, the money will be used to sustain the nursery.

“The fruits are key in the value chain, promote food security, create jobs and boost incomes for residents,” Arati noted, adding, each of the 45 Wards has been allocated 4000 seedlings.

He said the county has 1,564 acres under Hass avocado seedlings, 25,800 tons a year, adding that the county has a potential of producing 60,000 metric tons per acre.

The county, he noted has established an Avocado Plant that has helped weed out middlemen, enhance farmers’ earnings and address post –harvest losses.

Arati said the county has set up a nursery at ATC at a cost of KSh7.5 million, registered and certified by Kenya Planters Health Inspectorate (KEPHIS) to regulate the quality of seedlings from the nursery.

By Emmanuel Gwakoi

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