Harambee Sacco CEO, Dr George Ochiri.

Harambee Sacco new shares offer seeks KSh4 billion for expansion

Harambee DT Sacco has come up with share drive initiative to generate revenue of KSh4 billion to facilitate the expansion of the society in line with its strategic plan. All registered (both past and current) members of the Sacco are qualified to take part in the share drive. According to an information memorandum published by…

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Principal Secretary Ministry of Mining Elijah Mwangi.

PS urges miners to form cooperative societies

The Government has launched campaign to mobilise persons who undertake Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) and Large-Scale Mining (LSM), to form Saccos aimed at ensuring earnings from the economically potential sector are prudently utilised. Formation of the Saccos, the Government hopes will ensure that miners especially artisanal and small-scale save portion of their income and…

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Sacco re-branding is a great idea if properly planned

A number of Saccos have rebranded to breathe a new life into their existence. The hope is that with a change they will be able to capture the imagination of members, both existing and prospective, in a way that will bring positive energy and reinvigorate the many lattices that may have been rendered ineffective by…

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SACCO Saccos
Ben Oroko

How Saccos can assist members to spread out their investments

Saccos are democratically owned and member-controlled financial institutions that play a pivotal role in Kenya’s financial services economy. These credit cooperatives more often than not provide a wide range of products and financial services to their members, including but not limited to savings, loans, insurance and investment. Saccos can play an important role in assisting…

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Saccos vs money market funds: Which gives the best return?

Money Market Funds (MMFs) and Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs) are both money-saving instruments that have gained popularity in the country. And they both promise one thing — to make your money work for you. The two work in different ways therefore understanding their unique features before making a choice is vital. What are…

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Cynthia Wandia, Co-Founder and CEO of Kwara.

How Fintech is revolutionizing the Sacco movement in Kenya

According to a report submitted by Accenture to the Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Kenya, Saccos are one of the leading sources of finance, and in many rural areas, local Saccos are the only provider of financial services. Fintechs are becoming invaluable partners for Saccos in Kenya who provide innovative digital solutions to streamline their operations…

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Saccos urged to adhere to the law

By Agnes Orang’o A lot of conflicts witnessed in cooperative societies are contributed by failure to follow the rules of cooperatives, says Benedict Ngumbau Chief Officer of Cooperatives in Machakos county. Ngumbau spoke after visiting Koma Housing cooperative society and commended them for their commitment to ensuring every member benefits. Chief Officer said that many…

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