Government, FAO join forces to ensure foster food security, PS Raymond says

PS for State Department for Internal Security and National Administration, Dr Raymond Omollo.

The Kenya Government has entered into a partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in a move aimed at boosting food security in the country.

The Principal Secretary (PS), State Department for Internal Security and National Administration, Dr Raymond Omollo said food and nutrition security is a subject that lies at the very heart of the nation’s development agenda.

“We greatly appreciate the partnership of FAO in supporting our food security initiatives, a cornerstone of the Kenya Kwanza Manifesto and a top priority for our administration,” explained the PS.

The PS said the Government looks forward to showcasing the impact of projects like the Otati Water project in Migori County which he noted benefits over 350 households and supports thousands of livestock,” the PS added.

“Under the visionary leadership of President William Ruto, Kenya Kwanza embarked on a transformative journey through the implementation of the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA),” he said.


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Dr Omollo said BETA advocates for a value chain approach where infrastructure, such as Otati Water Dam, must be complemented by investments that support irrigation and water provision, thereby enabling communities to thrive in food production.

This project, he said, has the potential to significantly advance small enterprise development within the agri-food sector.

The PS spoke during capacity strengthening for the Government’s policies, projects, and programmes in Kisumu, where he urged stakeholders to utilise the National Government administration structure for greater economic impact across the country.

Participants during the forum

The forum was attended by Kisumu Governor Prof Anyang Nyong’o, FAO Representative in Kenya Carla Mucavi, Regional Commissioners, and officials from the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary, among other stakeholders from Nyanza, Western, and parts of the Rift Valley.

He noted BETA focuses on the Digital Superhighway and Creative Economy, which seek to unlock new avenues for economic growth and job creation by promoting our digital infrastructure and creative industries.

“These pillars collectively aim to lower the cost of living, eradicate hunger, create employment opportunities, and foster inclusive growth. They align with and are integral to Kenya’s Fourth Medium Term Plan for 2023–2027,” Dr Omollo stated.

To ensure the successful implementation of BETA, significant coordination through national development structures has been essential, he said, adding, “President Ruto established the National Development and Implementation Committees, including the Governance and Public Administration Sub-Committee to spearhead the agenda.”

Moreover, he added, they are dedicated to promoting inter-governmental relations in line with the provisions of our Constitution and are tasked with collaborating, cooperating, and consulting with county governments to ensure a whole-government approach.

By Fredrick Odiero

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