Governor Arati launches programme to spur growth of agriculture sector

Kisii County Governor Simba Arati has launched the Farmer Enumeration and Profiling Project to transform the county into an agriculture and business hub.

“This programme will provide a road map for eradication of poverty by addressing food insecurity and in turn boost agriculture which is our main source of wealth,” he said.

Arati was speaking at his office when he met 20 managers of banks and Saccos in the county, where he pledged that his government will enable a conducive working environment to boost the development of the financial institutions, business, education and agriculture sectors.

He also asked residents in business to continue to nurture the symbiotic relationship and embrace teamwork with the institutions to boost the economy of the county.

The Governor regretted that despite being endowed with fertile soils and ample rainfall almost throughout the year, the county still recorded cases of food scarcity.

He attributed the matter to poor data collection and inadequate measures to ensure the devolved unit is self-sufficient in food security.

In that regard, Arati said that 500 enumerators will be sent across the county to collect data on the state of agriculture, which will be used to develop policies to build farmers’ capacities and the agriculture sector at large.

The county boss asked Chiefs to mobilize Nyumba Kumi groups to facilitate effective collection of data.

By Enock Okong’o

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