Governor Mutahi calls on Newfortis sacco members to shun politics

 By Felix Wanderi

Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga has called on Newfortis sacco members to protect the sacco from political interference.

Mutahi speaking at Nyamachaki primary school grounds during the Newfortis sacco 47th annual general meeting said that those interested in politics should quit the sacco and enter the political arena so that they can square it out with other political leaders and not use the sacco as a launching pad for political interests.

“When I was on the ground campaigning to be reelected as governor, I heard that what finished us at KNUT has started cropping in this sacco.  People have started dividing themselves into groups of primary school teachers, secondary school teachers and other groupings. This is spelling the end of this particular Sacco,’ Mutahi said.

Mutahi said that the Sacco is stronger when members are together “We cannot bring down an institution that has been built and taken ages because you want to bring a few languages of politics”.

Mutahi called on the members to take up loans so that they can empower themselves economically and financially.

‘I hear in sacco there is alot of money but members have declined to take up loans because of fear. I urge you to take loans and let what will happen happen. let us invest as we are doing a good job as teachers,” Mutahi said

Mutahi said that they are ensuring that the country has enough human capital and members should focus on themselves, “let us do what other people are not doing. If you want to get what other people have then you must do what other people do. Do not be an ordinary person”.

Mutahi proposed to the teachers of Nyeri to support and declare former KNUT secretary general Wilson Sossion who is a follower of Kenya Kwanza government be awarded an ambassador position by President William Ruto.

“We want to remember those sons and daughters that are ours and walk with kenya kwanza,” Mutahi said.

Mutahi said that junior secondary will remain in primary schools adding that let nobody in this country try to demean the teachers in primary schools.

“We have teachers who have Masters Degree, doctorates in primary schools and they are perfectly capable of teaching in junior secondary schools,” Mutahi said

The governor however called on the teachers to take advantage of his open door policy and apply for government tenders.

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