How Tabasuri Sacco improved a security guard’s life


After being skeptical for a while about being part of a Sacco, Dennis Fondo finally decided to join Tabasuri Sacco.

Fondo, a security guard with the Texas Security Company for about fifteen years now, says he wished he had joined Tabasuri Sacco way back when he first began working.

He attributes the tremendous milestones he has made so far to his association with the Sacco, adding that he is grateful that the institution is able to provide its members the opportunity to transform their lives for the better.

He first acquired a loan from the Sacco in 2018 when he moved into a new house and wanted to furnish it.

Fondo says he had no doubt that the financial institution would come through for him when he needed it because of the past experience his colleagues had gone through.

“My colleagues had told me of how swift it was to get a loan processed hence when I needed money, I was confident Tabasuri Sacco come through,” he stated.

Dennis-Fondo, an employee of Texas Security firm. He is a member of Tabasuri SACCO.

The second time Tabasuri Sacco proved to be a reliable partner to Fondo was when his two children needed money for school fees and he had none.

He approached the society for an educational loan and his children were able to go back to school, relieving him the headache and the stress every parent has when their young ones are sent home to collect school fees.

He says, unlike other Saccos, he is pleased by how fast and efficient the society’s loans are processed and how convenient and relevant its products are.

“The Sacco has a product or a service that can address your particular need. All you have to do is go to their offices and you will be offered a product tailored just for you,” he added

Another reason Fondo keeps patronizing the society’s products and services is the fact that it is extremely easy to find people to act as guarantors whenever he needs a loan

At Tabasuri Sacco, he is excited that all Texas Security guards are part of the society making it convenient whenever he needs a loan since they all know one another.

The third loan he took went into a project back at home that he was extremely passionate about.

Fondo, who began working for his employer after being introduced to the firm by a colleague he met on duty when he was looking for employment, is grateful to his now departed colleague for being understanding and patient with him.

He finds it challenging to witness his colleagues take loans that are impossible for them to service.

“Because of the urge to do so much at a very short time, members find themselves requesting for huge loans that choke their salaries leaving them stressed and even depressed each end month,” he added.

He encourages the society to make it possible for members to get loans three times their savings so as to be able to accomplish their projects at the right time.

For fellow security guards and members of the public who aren’t yet part of any Sacco, he advises that they find the nearest Sacco to them and join.

He added that it is only through Saccos that one could grow, develop and invest in valuable and meaningful projects.

Fondo plans to get his fourth loan from the Sacco to purchase a plot once he is done servicing the third one.

By George Otieno

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