Iconic Hilton Hotel in Nairobi’s CBD put up for sale

Hilton Hotel in Nairobi

Interested parties have been invited to purchase iconic Hilton Hotel situated in the Nairobi’s Central Business District.

Both State and Hilton International Hotel Limited on Tuesday, April 16, separately invited expressions of interest from willing buyers to acquire 100 per cent equity stake in the hotel.

In an advertisement published in one of the dailies on Tuesday, April 16, those interested in the shares, which are owned by International Hotels (Kenya) Limited, should submit their expressions of interest through emails.

Both EOIs from International Hilton Limited and State are open until May 7 this year.


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The iconic building is located between Mama Ngina Street and City Hall Way, opposite Archives.

Those willing to buy are required to comprehensively demonstrate their experience and financial muscle to undertake the acquisition and as well as track record.

Some of the documents to be submitted by the bidders include certificate showing they are legally registered or incorporated and, in the case of individuals, copies of IDs or passports are required.

Also, a company profile and track record of acquisitions of high magnitude entities are required. And bidders are required as well to provide a letter from a recognised bank illustrating the availability of reserves to undertake the acquisition.

The hotel majorly was affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus, which saw many Kenyans laid off.

It is surrounded by four major lanes and streets including Watalii Lane, Mama Ngina Street, City Hallway and Simba Street.

It was established in 1969 and Hilton Nairobi Limited has been managing it until December 31, 2022, when the sun unexpectedly set on it.

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