Joy as land buyers in Thika receive title deeds after years of wait

Some of the investors elated after receiving their title deeds.

Investors who bought land through a Thika based land firm, the Lesedi Developers Limited, have a reason to smile after the firm began issuing them with title deeds after years of wait.

Following many days of court battles between the firm and investors over the former’s failure to issue them title deeds and alleged multiple allocations of land parcels among other disputes.

Some land buyers through a suit at the Thika law courts want compensation saying that they are yet to be shown their land parcels.


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Firm owner Geoffrey Kiragu faces 12 counts of defrauding land buyers KSh5.47 million by pretending he was in a position to sell them parcels of land through his farm, Lesedi.

Thika Chief Magistrate Stella Atambo asked the parties to consider settling the matter peacefully telling Kiragu to consider refunding the buyers their money.

“If there was an exchange of money and the clients [the claimants] didn’t get what they wanted, the only appropriate way to settle this is to refund their money. There must be genuine goodwill and real effort to compensate the persons,” Atambo said while delivering the accused person’s bond application.

The company, in settling the disputes, has begun issuing title deeds to land buyers in different projects including Kilimambogo, Msingini in Matuu, Chakama, Juja and Ngoliba in Thika East.


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A representative of the company, Wilson Mwangi, while disbursing 150 title deeds to investors on Saturday March 2, 2024 said that the prolonged court cases and closure of the firm’s offices in Thika town have been the reason for the delayed issuance of the land ownership documents.

Mwangi said that the offices have been opened, adding, “We have begun issuing all title deeds and settling any disputes that are arose. By the end of March, some 200 more land buyers will receive their title deeds.”

In a letter presented to the court by his counsel Julius Ngaresi on February 20, 2024, Kiragu said that plans to reopen company offices are underway so as to expedite the settlement process as well as handover of various projects.

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