Kenya to host annual magical travel expo in October

Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) chairman Francis Gichaba and KTB CEO June Chepkemei.

Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) targets to host about 3,000 at the 13th edition of the Magical Kenya Travel Expo (MKTE). The regional tourism fair is scheduled for October 2-4 at the Uhuru Gardens National Monument and Museum in Nairobi.

The participants included tour operators, hoteliers, travel agents and travel trade visitors.

In 2023, about 2,500 participants took part in the 3-day event.

This year’s event is among others the activity geared towards the attainment of the targeted number of three million visitors to the country by the close of the year.


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KTB CEO June Chepkemei has said that the expo will reposition the country for tourism business within the continent and globally as well.

For the past 12 years, MKTE has been the premier business-to-business tourism platform for the region bringing together all tourism players for insightful business transactions.

“This continues to be a trademark of the expo even as we work to maintain Pan African travel trade participation and cement Kenya’s position as a leading tourism destination,” Chepkemei said.

She added that the expo has assisted over 60 per cent of local small and medium travel enterprises and startups to access to build linkages and access international markets.

Last year, tourism arrivals grew by more than 460,000 in the period ending December 31, being the third consecutive year since 2021 when the numbers started rising.

The report shows that arrivals increased from 1,483,752 in 2022 to 1,951,185 in 2023, a 31.5 per cent surge.

August posted the highest number of arrivals at 11 per cent of the total visitors, due to the wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara.

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