Kenyans urged to join housing cooperatives to own homes

By Peter Otuoro

Kenyans have been urged to tap into housing cooperative societies to enable them save and own houses in urban areas.

Lands, Public Works, Housing and Urban Development Cabinet Secretary Zachariah Njeru said many Kenya are not aware of benefits gained after joining housing cooperatives.

He said the ministry will work with his cooperatives counterpart to sensitize Kenyans on the importance of joining the housing cooperative societies.

“We will sensitize all Kenyans in the 47 counties on the importance of joining housing cooperative societies, especially millions of Kenyans living in urban areas like Eldoret , Nakuru, Kisumu ,Mombasa and Nairobi,” he added.

Njeru, who spoke at a Nakuru hotel during the Cosmopolitan Sacco Annual General Meeting, said the aim of the plan is to enable Kenyans understand how the societies will help them cut the cost of paying rent and own houses in urban centres.

The CS said countries like India, whose citizens have embraced housing cooperative societies, have found life simple and affordable because they live in their own houses.

Njeru disclosed that the Kenya Kwanza government has a plan to provide affordable houses, especially in urban areas in order to eradicate informal settlements in the country.

“As a government we are in the process of constructing affordable houses for low income-earning Kenyans living in informal settlements in various urban centres,” he said.

Njeru gave the example of Nakuru City where the government plans to initiate 50,000 housing units to assist residents of Bondeni Estate and other estates with informal settlements. He also said that the government will continue issuing title deeds to Kenyans.

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