Kisii Youth Bunge Sacco re-brands to Gusii Youth Bunge Sacco Limited

The new CEO of Gusii Youth Bungee Sacco Limited Clive Ontita. Photo: Enock Okong'o

Kisii Youth Bungee Sacco has re-branded to Gusii Youth Bungee Sacco Limited to accommodate the increasing membership both in Kisii and Nyamira counties.

The new Chief Executive officer (CEO) Clive Ontita who replaced Evans Makori, who joined Nyaribari Chache Constituency office, said the Sacco has increased its membership tremendously attributing it to aggressive recruitment done by members.

Speaking at the Sacco’s office, the CEO revealed that the membership has increased from 6,200 last year to 8000 this year because of the good customer care exhibited by the office staff.

“We re-branded out Sacco and restructured the internal personnel through capacity building and this has made the Sacco more vibrant than before,” he said.

Gusii Youth Bunge Sacco Chairman Asha Moronya addresses the press after the Sacco’s Annual Delegates Meeting at Kisii Agricultural Training Centre. Photo: Emmanuel Gwakoi

He attributed the transformation of the organisation to the prudent leadership of its Chairman Asha Moronya who, he said, cherishes team work.

He highlighted some of the strategies that their Sacco put in place to counter attack the dwindling saving culture as the country experiences economic recovery.

He mentioned the balanced representation of members by one delegate appointed from each of the 65 wards in the two counties led by 9 top executive members of the Sacco.

The nine members come from the three strategic locations of Gucha, Kisii Central and Nyamira.

He said that because of able leadership from these members, the Sacco has realised a capital base of KSh8 million up from KSh7 million in 2022 while the Sacco’s loan portfolio stands at KSh65 million.

This compelled the Sacco to expand their office working force from seven to 12 staff to easen the operations, a move which also created job opportunities for their members.

“We pick our employees from among our qualified members,” he said.

He revealed that the Sacco is in advanced stages to introduce Front Office Operations (FOSA) to serve the ever growing number efficiently in their service delivery.

Asked to highlight any challenges that the Sacco faces, he singled out the recent stand-off among traders from Nyamira and Kisii over boundary disagreement.

He Said that business flow for boda boda operators who are their main borrowers was affected with majority of them majority of them defaulting on loans but he expressed optimism of nomalcy to return to business especially with the recent falling of fuel prices.

The requested the public to continue registering with the Sacco in big numbers because they will enjoy pocket friendly loans that include school fees loans, business loans, agricultural loans among others.

By Enock Okong’o

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