Lake Victoria artisanal fishermen to benefit from 300 boats

KSL Managing Director Major General Paul Otieno.

The Kenya Shipyards Limited (KSL), is constructing 300 new climate smart artisanal boats to promote blue economy activities in Lake Victoria.

This will create active utilisation of maritime and marine resources and support inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

KSL Managing Director Major General Paul Otieno said they are targeting fish traders providing transport services in the lake.

“We are going to sell the boats to the fishermen, through Sacco’s working closely with the county governments,’’ he said.

Although he did not disclose how much the climate smart artisanal boats would cost, he hinted, the prices would be cheap. “We want to embark on mass production of artisanal and commercial fibre boats first, before we cost them,’’ he said

According to KSL head of civil works, Eng Simbi Omitto, the prices will be low if they embark on mass production of the boats, targeting fishermen in Migori, Homabay, Kisumu and Siaya circled by the lake.

Homabay County, for instance, has over 10,000 artisanal boats managed through some 145 Beach Management Units (BMUs).


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The new climate smart boats initiative has the potential to completely transform the lakeside economy in Nyanza.

Currently, the demand for fish is increasing as tourist hotels and restaurants seek for various fish produce from the Lake.

Homabay Pier is being upgraded by KSL at a cost of KSh500 million. Homabay pier encompasses construction of the access roads, jetty, drainage, ferry ramp, and walkways.

The upgrade of the pier was launched late last year by President William Ruto. While attending Homabay International Investments Conference last February, President Ruto said the works will be done by June this year.

“We promised to refurbish the pier and we are glad work is on course. We deliver the project in six months’ time,’’ said President.


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The President also announced that they are building a new fish market around Lake Victoria at a cost of KSh600 million.

Homabay Governor Gladys Wanga said she was happy projects being undertaken in her county thanking the National Government for working closely with her to deliver the projects.

By Fredrick Odiero

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