Malava Housing Sacco ready to set up own plaza

By Andanje Wakhungu

The paper work for the much anticipated multi-million Malava housing plaza has been finalized paving way for the implementation process to commence.

Presenting the supervisory report during the 30th Annual General Meeting, the Sacco’s chair lady Beatrice Mukopi informed the members that already National Cooperative Housing Union (NACHU) has allocated Ksh.20Million towards putting up the ground and 1st floor.

“We are happy to announce that our plaza documentations have been approved in line with government directives and we are on the implementation process where the contractor will approve and issue an okay through the National Construction Authority (NCA),” Mukopi said.

She also urged members to take advantage and purchase more shares during the planned construction. She also hinted that the society has partnered with the Western Water and Sanitation Forum (WEWASAFO) and constructed two springs to supply clean water to the community.

The chairman John Lumbatatia assured members that the society was planning to purchase more land to meet the increasing numbers of qualifying members and called on the members to develop the allocated plots.

He appreciated Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), National Cooperative Housing Union(  NACHU)   Kenya Union of Savings  and Credit Cooperative(KUSCCO), Invest and Grow and other sister organizations for their continued support .

The sub county cooperative officer Monicah Aduke was praised for her efforts in ensuring the growth of the society since her office has been in the forefront in offering technical advice, educational services and formulation of business and strategic plan.

The board of directors proposed that members should contribute Kshs 500 monthly towards the plaza. Education and housing schemes will have an annual increase in payment of Kshs 200 and Kshs 300 respectively.

The Sacco   has divided its plot registered as N/Kabras/Mlv/4934 into ten plots at a tune of Sh.260,000 each and handed them  over to 8 members and retained two.

The members who have been allocated the plots  are; Loice  Shalakha,Nicholas Liseche,Mark Chitelesi,Beatrice  Kataka,Beatrice  Mukopi,Robai Marani,Joseph Mukwe and Mary Musa.

The Sacco owns a total of 13 certified plots valued at Kshs 10,850,000 and boasts of being the best managed housing cooperative in the county.

 It minimized its members’ defaulting cases by the introduction of T-pay system. It has also installed its website (www.Malava to attract more members outside the county.

The society which was formed and registered   in1989 has been a leading cooperative society in the county and its environment in empowering and providing decent housing.

It has three schemes including housing, education and plaza that has seen its membership in 2021 grow to 1058 from 782 in 2020.  

The society is committed to improving the socio-economic and environmental wellbeing of its members by empowering them to acquire decent and affordable housing in line with cooperative values, principles and existing housing regulatory standards.

It strives for its stakeholders’ satisfaction and encourages its members to support corporate social responsibility programmes as well as adhere to legal and ethical responsibility in the sector

Among the challenges faced by the sacco are high rate of land acquisition, Covid 19 pandemic, withdrawal of teachers, tedious process of acquiring title deeds as well as delay by the Teachers Service Commission in remitting funds.

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