Miners in Migori form cooperative to eliminate cartels

Miners in Migori. Photo:courtesy

Miners in Rongo Sub-county have formed a marketing cooperative society to protect members from preying cartels and uplift their living standards.

The North Kamagambo Mining and Marketing Cooperative Society based in Rongo Sub-county is only four months old and going strong.

The society recently held a one day seminar in Rongo town to sensitize members on their roles and the importance of cooperatives. The Topic was ‘Cooperative Governance’ administered by officials from the Ministry of Cooperatives in Migori County.

The cooperators learnt about their rights and right to protect the Sacco to safeguard their savings.

They were told that cartels invading the mining sector, and more so foreigners, need to be wiped out as the government of Kenya loses a lot of revenue each year.

By Odhiambo George Ochieng

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