Ndege Chai Sacco targets youth recruitment for sustainability

Paul Mutai, Chairman Supervisory Committee of Ndege Chai Sacco. Photo: Benedict Ngetich

Ndege Chai Sacco has doubled marketing efforts to attract more youthful members to the society.

The Chairman Supervisory Paul K.Mutai told delegates that there was need to focus marketing efforts towards the younger generation to ensure sustainability of the Sacco adding, “as the economy improves opening up opportunities for employment and business for the youth, we are ready to bring them on board with products and services that appeal to them by using channels that they find convenient.”

One of the attractions includes continued investment in innovations and technologies that will position the Sacco in an attractive position to the society.


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Mutai said that majority of their members were in the age bracket of 36 and 55 years old and they were holding 72 per cent of the total deposits and share capital and encouraged the delegates, the general membership and staff to be good ambassadors of the society through interacting and convincing the younger generation to join Ndege Chai.

He said the Supervisory Committee recognised the efforts put in place by the Board of Management who engaged in a multi-pronged formula in dealing with loan defaults including listings in the CRB, using debt collectors and auctioneers before going for the guarantors’ deposits to recover the outstanding default amount.

Ndege Chai Sacco chairman Mr Daniel Sang

“We further noted that as at December 31, 2023, out of the total loan portfolio of KSh 3.687 billion, total cumulative stood at KSh111,739,316 (3 per cent) out of which loans totaling KSh3,576,500 had been referred to debt collectors for recovery while the balance of KSh108,162,816 was assigned to different staff to pursue, “he said adding the non-performing loans reduces the surplus which could have gone to members as rebates and dividends.

Mutai thanked the management for their efforts in loan recoveries and asked them to continue monitoring loan performances to ensure all loans are repaid.

The supervisory team observed in their reports that, “some loans fall along due to extraneous factors like redundancies and harsh economic times that affect members. More effort will however be put into follow up to ensure loans are repaid. The use of CRB, debt collectors and our loan tracking team has helped and we will enhance their capacity by deploying a portfolio monitoring system to help in faster action when loans are not repaid on time.”

The Chairman Daniel Sang expressed optimism on the growth of Ndege Chai and informed members the society was approaching the KSh5 billion mark in Sacco assets and was on course with the targets set in the Strategic Plan which was reviewed by the board last year and added, “we also managed to keep most of the expenses below budget despite the difficult operating climate and thus post improved surplus for the benefit of our members.”

The CEO Gilbert Bett welcomed new members to the society saying they had invested in new technological systems that ensured safety of their savings and that there were new products that were attractive to all members including the youth.

By Benedict Ng’etich

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