Over 1,000 boda boda operators receive free training in Uasin Gishu

Boda Boda Saccos in Uasin Gishu County have received a huge boost through training and award of licences by the Kenya Roads Board (KRB), county administration and Kenya Red Cross among other partners.

The training and licensing process served to refine and authorize individuals to operate on the roads legally especially for some who may have harboured fears or hesitations about venturing into town due to the lack of licenses.

In his speech during the launch of the training and licencing programme for boda boda Saccos in the county at the Eldoret Sports Club, area Governor Dr Jonathan Chelilim acknowledged the sector as one of the largest in the progressive county, providing meaningful employment to over 20,000 industrious youths.

“It continues to attract more young individuals who aspire to make meaningful contributions to their families. Their tireless effort is evident in their endeavours to ensure food security, with research indicating that four out of every ten households benefit from their services,” he noted.

He lauded the training session and the subsequent award of licenses to 1,000 boda boda members, drawn from all wards by the KRB, as a collaborative effort with government agencies to empower the youths.

He warned the operators that acquiring a license does not confer upon them the liberty to flout traffic regulations; rather, it empowers them to comply with the rules set forth by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).


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“We are all aware that many accidents occurring nationwide could have been prevented if traffic rules and regulations were strictly adhered to. Therefore, it is imperative to emphasize the importance of full compliance,” said the governor.

Dr Chelilim affirmed that his administration accords a high value to the sector due to its pivotal role in both employment and mobility.

He added that they have implemented a reduction in the monthly sticker fees for this vital sector. Operators within the CBD now pay KSh400 down from KSh600, while those outside the town pay KSh200, reduced from KSh300 as a way to support economic stability.

With regard to infrastructure development, the governor said his administration remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the quality of roads while prioritizing safety through compliance and enforcement of wearing of safety gears like reflectors with stage identifications and helmets.

Additionally, huge investments have also been allocated to constructing boda boda shades across the county to provide protection from adverse weather conditions.

The county boss hinted on e-mobility through the adoption of electric motorcycles noting that efforts were underway to enhance and support infrastructure, including the installation of charging ports, to further bolster the sector’s sustainability.

He called on them to consider forming or joining cooperatives for collective advancement since unity among members would facilitate access to affordable loans from the county.

“So far, we have financed 33 active boda boda Saccos with a total of KSh19.7 million. Notably, individuals who previously did not own motorcycles now proudly own their own, thanks to the support provided,” said Dr Chelilim.

He commended the Kibagenge Boda Boda Cooperative Society as an outstanding example, which has expanded its operations to include a successful hotel business in town alongside their primary activities.

The team received funding of KSh3 million for asset financing and has also utilized it to purchase 14 motorbikes.

“Cooperatives have played a vital role in reducing crime in our county and as we strive to attain city status this year, your sector will be instrumental in branding and facilitating mobility for our citizens,” he noted.

By Dennis Bett

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