President Ruto urges investors to put their money in Kakamega

President Dr William Ruto (middle) with cabinet Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi (left) and Kakamega governor Fernandes Barasa (right) among other dignitaries when he arrived yesterday to officially open the 2024 Kakamega International investment conference at Masinde Muliro university grounds.

Inaugural Kakamega international investment conference (KAIICO) gathered leaders from the National Government, Western Kenya, and Kakamega County respectively to showcase the potential for partnership and collaboration.

Addressing the event, President William Ruto emphasised the need to attract both local and foreign investments as one way of transforming the vast potential of counties across all sectors of economic prosperity.

The President said this will catalyze economic growth and massive job creation not only to the counties but country at large.


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“This conference serves as a platform for stakeholders to engage in networking activities, explore diverse investment opportunities, and contribute meaningfully to the economic transformation agenda of Kakamega County”.

Governor Fernandes Barasa’s leadership in organizing the high-profile conference was commended for its pivotal role in promoting investment, development, and economic growth in the county.

The conference was hailed for its ability to provide an enabling environment for dialogue, collaboration, and the exchange of innovative ideas that can spur economic development in the region.

The collaborative efforts between the national government, county governments, and private sector stakeholders at the Kakamega international investment conference were a testament to the collective drive towards enhancing investments, creating job opportunities, and fostering sustainable economic development in Kenya.

The conference facilitated meaningful interactions that could potentially lead to long-term partnerships and investments that benefit both the county and the broader economy.

It was noted that such initiatives align with the overarching goal of promoting economic prosperity and leveraging the untapped potential of various sectors to drive inclusive growth.

The emphasis placed on exploring opportunities for investment and job creation underscores the commitment of all stakeholders involved to harnessing the full economic potential of Kakamega County and beyond.

The conference’s success in attracting a diverse array of local and international investors highlighted the growing interest in the investment opportunities present in the county and the wider Kenyan market. The event provided a platform for showcasing the rich investment potential of the region and fostered a conducive environment for forging partnerships that can lead to sustainable economic growth.

Ruto said his government was in support of investment in counties and had lined up a number of projects to be implemented including KSh120 billion has been set aside to spruce infrastructure within the counties as KSh2.5 billion directed towards connecting 40,000 households within Kakamega through the last mile electricity connection intervention with an end year (2024) KSh.10 billion electricity transmission line from Kibos Masaka to Kakamega being completed to stabilize power supply to allow manufacturers carry out their trade without any hitch and enhance productivity.

Azimio leader, Raila Odinga, was scheduled to address the attendees on the topic of opening up counties as new frontiers for investment and development.

By Andanje Wakhungu

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