Raila Odinga to attend FESTAC Africa Festival in Kisumu this month

Former Primer Minister Raila Odinga to attend FESTAC Africa Festival in Kisumu.

Former Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Odinga has confirmed his attendance and participation in the FESTAC Africa Festival 2024 that will take place in Kisumu.

Raila said the history of Africa, the continent’s heritage and culture will be major highlights at the the Festival, which will be held in the city of Kisumu in Kenya.

From May 20 to 26, 2024, the city will play host to a prestigious gathering of esteemed personalities from across the globe bringing a unique blend of expertise, passion, and vision.

The festival has the theme: ‘Sustainable Growth Trajectory For Africa Through Culture, Trade, Travel, & Tourism.’

Odinga is will spearhead an illustrious lineup of experts and thought leaders from across United States, Ghana and Nigeria, among others.

“This is going to be a very historic meeting,” Odinga said in a video posted on X by @FESTACAFRICA recently.

“People are going to be talking about African culture, African history and African heritage. I will be there on May 20.”


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“As one of Africa’s most respected political figures and a champion of unity, progress, and cultural diversity, Honourable Raila Odinga’s participation adds a significant touch of distinction and honor to the FESTAC Africa Festival.”

Other guests include Kenyan lawyer and activist, Prof. Patrick Lumumba, an engineer and business expert, Yinka Abioye from Nigeria.

The discussions will focus on providing pragmatic solutions to the opportunities and challenges within the African and global business landscapes.

FESTAC Africa says its vision is a profound commitment to celebrating, preserving, and promoting African culture in all its richness and diversity.

“It encapsulates a powerful and far-reaching aspiration that extends beyond just a single event. This vision is an ongoing cultural journey that unites people, nations, and generations through the captivating beauty of our shared heritage,” the vision statement on its website partly read.

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