The man who shaped cooperative movement in Kilifi

Kilifi County boasts of having many cooperative societies thanks to Morris Mangi, who is credited to the proliferation of cooperatives in the region having planted the seed over three decades ago.

Mangi initiated the formation of Kilifi Multipurpose Cooperative Society, now called Magarini Sand and Harvesting Cooperative Society, in 1990.

He also formed Malindi Biashara Cooperative Society (MABISA Sacco), where he has been the vice chairman for nine years.

In 2,000, Mangi helped to form Adu Ranching Cooperative Society Limited, where he is the chairman.

His adult life has been spent mostly in the sector, having realized that the cooperative movement plays a vital role of uplifting the living standards of people.

At the start, he took a loan of Ksh1 million which he used to buy one acre of land at Majengo in Magarini Sub-county to build a family house.

On the land, he got an idea of rearing livestock.

“I used the remaining amount to educate my four children up to universities and colleges,” he explained.

The eldest child did a Degree in Disaster Management at Kenyatta University. The second studied Commerce (Accounting option) at Pwani University while the third and fourth children did Diploma in Hospitality and Diploma in Wood Technology at Kenya Utalii College and St Paul’s Industrial Training Centre in Embu respectively.

Looking at his accomplishments, Mangi feels people must join cooperative societies so as to get loans to reach their personal development goals.

Mangi was born on May 5, 1955 at Mjanaheri village in Magarini Sub-county. After completing his secondary school education at Chumani Secondary School in 1981, he worked as a clerk at Jambo Hotels in Malindi.

In 1985, Mangi was employed by Malindi Teachers Cooperative Society to work as a loans clerk.

In 1989, he joined Cooperative College of Kenya, now Kenya Cooperative University, to pursue a one year certificate course in Cooperative Business Administration (CBA) and was awarded a certificate upon completion of the course.

By Tsozungu Kombe

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