Tower Sacco gets new director

By Peter Otuoro

Patrick Thogo was elected the new Director of Tower Sacco in a competitive election carried out at  Olkalou Primary School in Nyandarua County.

Thogo got 222 votes against his close competitor James Mwangi who got 219 votes.

He thanked everyone who voted for him and congratulated and thanked his competitor for serving the Sacco diligently for 26 years.

He promised to initiate mass recruitment of members to ensure the Sacco has more members who will increase the Sacco’s capital base.

 “I want to thank our former Director Mr. Mwangi for his contributions to the Sacco. He did a tremendous job and I promise to follow his footsteps to achieve more for the benefit of our Sacco,” said Thogo.

He promised to rectify rules governing elections to enable many members to participate in the democratic process.

 “I will rectify the election laws to give members a chance to freely and fairly elect their directors,” said Thogo.

He also promised to assist many members to get loans from the Sacco to spearhead their personal development projects.

Mr. Mwangi was the first person to congratulate his competitor Mr. Thogo, an act that was welcomed and praised by many Tower Sacco officials who attended the event.

“I want to congratulate my brother Mr. Thogo for winning this election and I wish him well in his new responsibility as the Director of Tower Sacco,” he said.

Mwangi thanked the Sacco members for according him an opportunity to serve them in Tower Sacco.

“I joined Tower Sacco when its capital base was Ksh.400 million 26 years  ago  and currently it has increased to Ksh.20 Billion,” he said.

He noted that he is one of the Sacco’s longest serving directors  and that since he has done his part, it’s now time for a new director to steer the Sacco to the next level.

KNUT Nyandarua Branch Executive Secretary Johana Ndung’u   congratulated Mr. Thogo for winning the election and promised to fully support him to deliver to members.

He told him to be aware of the hard task ahead of him in ensuring that the Sacco continues to shine and attract more members.

He also lauded the transparent manner in which the elections were held.

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