Women and youth urged to take leadership positions in the Coop sector

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Kenya Union of Savings & Credit Co-operatives (KUSCCO) National Chairman George Magutu has urged women and youth to vie for leadership positions in their societies to take them to the next level.

Magutu said for many years, youth and women have been sidelined and they must be ready to take up positions, even that of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Magutu also said since they are well-educated, they have the capability to steer the cooperative movement in the right direction.

“Women and youth should use their education, intellectual power, and knowledge to spearhead reforms in our cooperative movement, which can be achieved through taking up leadership positions where major decisions are made,” said Magutu.

He said the constitution opened opportunities for them through the two-thirds gender rule, which should be implemented by all societies in Kenya.

Magutu thanked some who have started to allow the marginalized groups to sit in their top decision-making organs.

He asked men to give them a fair chance to vie and lead, congratulating the millions of Kenyan women who have greatly contributed to the success of the Cooperative movement.

By Peter Otuoro

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