Winas scores big on CSR and Agency Banking


Feb 21, 2017

By Kamundia Muriithi
Winas Savings and Credit
Co-operative Society
Limited, formerly Embu
Teachers Sacco Limited has rolled
out elaborate Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) programmes
targeted at the needy and disadvantaged
in society. The Society aims at
improving the social-economic welfare
of residents in Embu County by
putting a smile on their faces
“We like giving back to the community
and aim to reach out to more
people in the society than we have
done previously,” said David Kariuki
Winas Sacco Chief Executive
Officer. Winas Sacco has supported
numerous projects in Embu County,
especially those in education and
public health. It has been involved
in various hygiene and sanitation
projects, making donations to foster
homes for children, sponsoring
marathon races and funding adult
education initiatives.
Winas Sacco plans to support slum
dwellers by upgrading their living
conditions. “We will work together
with those living in slum areas for
purposes of assisting them engage in
income generating activities,” said
While the Society is already paying
school fees to needy students in the
County, it plans to increase the number
of students that can be supported
through this initiative.
Winas Sacco is providing its members
with affordable credit products
and services, a fact that has led to significant
growth of its membership. The
Society has been declaring commendable
dividends yearly to its reliable and
supportive membership.
“The interest of our members and
customers come first and this has given
us a loyal membership. We have been
able to achieve what we have because
of the able and visionary leadership at
the Society and refined professional
members of staff that have made this
a financial institution of choice,” said
Winas Sacco also intends to venture
into the property market through
a subsidiary investment firm. At the
38th Annual General Meeting (AGM)
attended by about 4,000 members
who are mostly teachers, Mr.
Robert Njue, Winas Sacco Chairman,
told delegates that the Sacco
was in the process of registering
an investment arm that will enable
members to invest in property
and real estate.
He said Winas Sacco was targeting
to cash in on proliferation
of learning institutions within
Embu County and the resultant
growing demand for housing and
social amenities. The investment
arm, he said, will expose members
to viable investment options but
with a keen eye on real estate.
“Through our investment arm,
members will invest for a financially
secure future. We have a
university at Kangaru and campuses
near Embu town and we
want to venture into building hostels,”
said Njue.

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