Co-operators warned against land fraudsters


Aug 3, 2017

By James Wakahiu.

Urithi Housing Co-operative Society Chairman has warned Co-operative members of ongoing land scam in which members are conned millions by fraudsters.
Mr. Samuel Maina said that there is need to educate the members of public on possible ways of identifying genuine investments to avoid falling prey to the scammers.
He said there are a lot of con people who the public should be wary of and called on Kenyans to avoid shortcuts in any kind of business transactions.
“It is always good to use the laid down procedure in pursuing any kind of investment or conducting business. Those who want simple and fast deals mostly fall prey to the fraudsters and lose their money,” he said.
Maina called upon the people and members to do thorough scrutiny on any kind of investments they are interested in. Urithi Housing Co-operative Society Limited has started putting up houses in Embu County in Eastern region.
The construction of houses follows acquisition of several parcels of land by the society.
Airview Estate Embu is a gated community project located 5 km along Kiriti road, opposite the Embu airstrip.
According to Maina they are putting up three bedroom maisonettes.
He said each unit that will have an introductory price of Kshs. 2.8 million and will have enhanced green areas, ample parking and perimeter wall.

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