August 17, 2022

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Dairy Co-op decries poor roads in milk delivery


By Our Reporter.
Warsan Dairy Cooperative Society in Wajir County loses at least 10,000 litres of milk every month due to poor roads.
The society regretted that due to the deplorable state of roads in the rural areas, they incurred heavy loses while delivering milk for processing.
Speaking to Sacco Review, the Society‘s Manager, Abdisalam Mohamed said middle men on Boda bodas and other faster motorised means take advantage of the poor roads in the county’s out post to buy milk at lower prices as the pastoralist farmers are unable to reach the urban areas where milk prices have shot up.
“These middle men pay cash for the milk and farmers are compelled to sell , least the milk go bad since at times as our Probox vehicles get stuck on the way thus failing to reach them on time,” said Mohamed .
He added that the middle men transport milk to clients in Wajir town and Habaswein and even beyond.
Mohamed added that Warsan Cooperative society receives about 10,000 litres every day for the county use and transport to Nairobi.
Disclosing that they buy milk from about 100 pastoralist farmers out of 300 who are members of the society, Mohamed called on more members to embrace the Sacco spirit and grow economically.
He called on both the County and National governments to purchase milk cooling and processing plants to save milk from getting bad.