August 17, 2022

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The Leading Newspaper for Co-operative Movement in Kenya

Farmers transform their Dairy farming into Co-operative societies


By Kage Njoroge.

Muranga County Dairy farmers are stepping outside the box to turn their farms into Dairy Co-operative societies.
Small scale milk producers have come together under Dairy Co-operative societies which have empowered them to address their needs and determine the pricing of their produce.
In the last four years, the County Cooperative Director, Josephine Mwangi said Dairy co-operatives increased from fourto 35 entities bringing thousands of farmers in the fold.
“The subsector, as a result has created new opportunities for thousands of players through the value chain”, she noted.
She said the recorded income from milk sales improved from Sh92 million in 2013 to Sh1.2 billion paid to farmers this year.
Speaking during Ushirika Day cerebrations, the director said that Dairy Co-operatives have enabled the farmers to negotiate for prices with milk processors under a structured platform.