August 17, 2022

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Kilifi: Minister urges residents to join Saccos to fight poverty


By Tsozungu Kombe
Kilifi County residents have been urged to join Saccos in large numbers to uplift their living standards.
Speaking during this year’s Ushirika Day at Barani Secondary School in Malindi town, the Executive Committee Member for Education, Salma Ahmed who was representing her Cooperatives Development
counterpart Alphonce Tokali told the residents that joining Saccos was the only way to eradicate high poverty levels. This, she said, would boost their capital bases.
The ECM appealed to area residents to co-exist and join Saccos, pointing out that monthly salaries alone are not enough to meet their financial needs, and hence the need for Sacco loans.
She cited Imarika Sacco to which she is still a member which enabled her get school fees loan to complete her first degree.
“Through taking loans from Saccos, you can boost your financial undertakings,” she told the cooperators. She urged teachers in the County not to allow themselves to retire
while on one job group, but instead get school fees loans from Saccos to pursue parallel degree studies to upgrade their education levels.
Ahmed advised Sacco members to consider increasingtheir monthly deposits in order to get bigger loans.
She urged parents and politicalleaders in the region to encourage the youth to join Saccos to secure loans and boost their economic status instead of loitering in the streets of the area’s urban centres.