Nyambene Arimi Sacco installs ATMs in branches


By Titus Murithi

Nyambene Arimi Sacco members can now access their funds any time courtesy of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) which have been installed at all the Sacco branches.
This financial service was a fulfilled pledge which had been promised to members during last year’s (2017) AGM.
Also members will be alerted by their mobile phones when any financial transactions are carried out in their accounts like payment of milk which they deliver to the Sacco dairy and the monthly tea payment plus the tea bonus.
The Sacco has developed a five year Strategic Plan which has a whole spectrum of activities meant to enable the Sacco to improve on its services to the members.
The Sacco is geared towards rebranding and members have been called upon to put forward their suggestions towards the same.
The other change the Sacco is set to undergo which was decided by the members of the board is a change of the current software in the Sacco’s ICT system.
This was said by Nyambene Arimi Sacco Chairman, Mr Thananga M’impwii as he read his speech during this year’s Annual General Meeting which was recently held at Maua Youth Polytechnic.
The Chairman commended the dairy section of the Sacco for growing from one level of strength to another and lauded the committee of that section for working hard to see that they had purchased a vehicle meant to deliver milk to the market after it has been processed in the dairy.
“I’d wish to advise our members of are dairy and tea farmers to take up farming as a business but not like a side job to be carried out after you are through with other jobs. Tea and milk are integral part of our Sacco,” said the Chairman.
The Sacco’s CEO, Mr Kobia Mwito expounded the Chairman’s speech in a manner that was easily understood by all the members.
While also addressing the members and as he read his speech during the same event before the Sacco Chairman spoke, the supervisory committee Chairman, Mr Peter Imuti lauded the board and the staff of the Sacco for hard work and improved services which had seen the Sacco grow.
“We’ve had excellent services in our Sacco and it’s our prayer that trend continues that way for long time. The excellent services have seen the performance of our Sacco improve tremendously in all sides. This was made possible by the noble job done by the staff and the board and we commend them for a job well done and request them to get along with the same spirit,” said Mr Imuti.

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