Sacco self-regulation key to restoring sanity in coop sector

Following  the liberalisation of the cooperative sector vide the Sessional Paper No 6 of 1997 and the subsequent enactment of the Cooperative Societies Act , No.12 of 1997 (Amendment 2004), supervisory committees were introduced in all cooperatives. Their mandate is to oversight cooperatives, a function that had hitherto been played by cooperative officers from the … Read more

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SITATI: Co-operatives shouldn’t stand aloof amidst the biting drought

By Fred Sitati The devastating drought being experienced in 30 counties in the country should prick the collective conscience of cooperators through their elected leaders to rise to the occasion by making monetary contributions to supplement the government efforts. We have, in the recent past, noted how key private sector players led by the Kenya … Read more

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The hits and misses in Sacco rebranding frenzy

By Fred Sitati The liberalization of the  Cooperative Sector vide Sessional Paper No 6 of 1997 titled Cooperatives in a Liberalized Economic Environment  gave Saccos a chance to rebrand to grow and enhance their competitiveness in the liberalized market. They rebranded by developing strategic plans that prioritize short and long term measures of achieving intended … Read more

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Cooperatives should be managed strictly within the Universal Cooperative Principles

By Fred Sitati The exponential growth of some Saccos can aptly be attributed to their decision to open their common bonds to attract persons from outside their original catchment areas. Such moves are welcome as long as they are done in reasonable measures and do not compromise the quality of services offered to members as … Read more

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