August 17, 2022

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The Leading Newspaper for Co-operative Movement in Kenya

Ardhi Sacco innovates to improve members’ income

Tom N’khataro, Chairman.


By Wesley Ken.

Ardhi Sacco Society Ltd is rolling out various exciting initiatives to transform members’ economic and social welfare.

The Sacco is not only scaling up services delivery, it is also diversifying loan products, offering low interest rates on products and opening up the common bond of the society in order to attract more members.

Ardhi Sacco was registered on October 5, 1971 by the then Commissioner of Co-operative Development within a common bond of Ministry of Lands and Settlement. However, in line with the current market trends and the liberalization of the sector, the society has opened the common bond to members of the public who have attained the age prescribed in the society’s by-laws. Currently, the society draws its membership from individuals in employment from various sectors of the economy, that is, in civil service, parastatals, Universities, Water boards and other private institutions.

Through its housing arm, the Sacco has managed to buy land that its members have immensely benefited from.

The Sacco has also offered a wide range of products and services tailor made to meet specific requirements of its members.

Most outstanding is the development loan product and the emergency loan product – which is the most popular, owing to its short-term nature.

According to Muthamia, the Sacco’s CEO, the management has laid down clear cut structures to ensure all members who apply for any loan are served within the shortest time possible and “queuing of loans” is avoided. “It is our responsibility to ensure that our members are happy and enjoying our products and services and as such, we have lowered the interest rates of all our products. Soon we will expand our banking hall for more efficient and quick service delivery,” he said.

At the FOSA (Front Office Services Activity), Muthamia explained members are accorded top notch services at the banking hall. “They can also access EFTs (Electronic Funds Transfers) and visa enabled

ATM cards, at their request,” he says..