August 17, 2022

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Wambora pledges to support co-op sector


By Munene Maina
Embu Governor Martin Wambora has said his Government will partner with all co-operatives in the County in bid to strengthen the sector.
Speaking during Ushirika Day celebrations held at Gikuuri Primary School, the Governor noted that Embu needed strong societies to accelerate poverty eradication.
“A country like China has made big development strides because of a saving culture among its people enabled by co-operatives. We can hardly have tangible investments without savings,” he said.
The Governor said his Government Embu was emphasizing on value addition to improve farmers’ earnings.
“We are working to have more factories in the County where value can be added to all our products. We are encouraging more investors to establish factories within the County rather than buying our raw products,” he said.
He said the County had 211,000 co-operative membership and 133 registered co-operatives which had had mobilized more than Sh 3 billion in savings from members.
He said the coffee sector led with registered societies followed by urban and rural Saccos. “County coffee mill will start operating before the year ends. We are also looking forward to having a milk cooling plant at Runyenjes,” Wambora said.