Bodaboda riders hold elections

By Norah Musega

Bodaboda operators in Awendo sub county, Migori County have formed an umbrella body to enhance unity among all riders for development purposes.

They conducted elections at the sub-county headquarters in Awendo on April 1, 2021 where Felix Otieno was elected chairman and Victor Opuch the secretary.

Speaking after elections the officials told Sacco Review that they will unite all the riders within the region.

They also pledged to defend the riders rights especially when they are on duty because the business has always been perceived negatively despite offering opportunities to several youths.

 “I wish to clarify that Bodaboda operators are well-mannered and respectful persons who adhere to the set traffic rules in their businesses,” said Otieno.

He said the business was like any other and has also created many jobs for youths among them graduates who are unable to get while collar jobs in the country.

Otieno vowed to ensure all unlicensed and unskilled riders are faced out of the business to enhance integrity within their operations.

“All those who wish to operate the business within this area must all adhere to the set rules and standards,” added Otieno.

He said they must first identify the stage group they wish to join and follow the laid down procedures of joining the groups.

The election comes two months after another election that was held on the 25th of February 2021 where a section of Bodaboda operators elected some officials.

The election was however disputed by the faction which held its elections this month who claimed the number of operators that turned up for the earlier election had no capacity to represent the interests of their members across the sub county.

The sub county has 63motorbike riders stages spread across the four wards.

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