Bomet County sets up potato factory

By Our Reporter

The county government of Bomet has constructed a modern sweet potato processing plant in Chepalangu Sub County.

The county has under the leadership of Governor Hillary Barchok tapped into the resource to improve the economic standards of area residents

The plant which is set to be launched soon will focus on production of sweet potato bread and crisps.

Bomet is endowed with a lot of resources that can turn the county into an economic powerhouse in the south Rift region if utilized well.

The county is well known for its dairy products, tea farming and sweet potato farming among other farming enterprises

Over 90 per of the sweet potatoes are produced in Chepalangu, parts of Sotik and Bomet East Constituency which are in the lower zone of the county.

The county will purchase the sweet potatoes from farmers, thus guaranteeing them better prices.

The plant will also create thousands of jobs along the value addition chain to many people in Bomet.

Governor Barchok has also been pushing for the completion of Chebunyo Dairy plant in a fast-tracked process.

The plant will collect milk from farmers through cooperatives, thus guaranteeing the farmers better prices for before packaging the milk for sale.

Some of the milk will be used to feed children in Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centres across the county.

The milk processing machines were received by Governor Barchok at Chebunyo in February this year.

The governor has now assured residents that the two multi-million projects will be completed and operationalized in a few months.

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