Capital Sacco boosts horticultural farmers’ earnings


Jun 23, 2017

Murithi Kinoti.

Capital Sacco which is one of the largest and fastest growing Saccos in Kenya has improved Kilimo Tosha product to boost horticultural farmers’ earnings.
Kilimo Tosha is a loan product of the Sacco which advances credit to horticultural farmers to expand their investments.
The farmers repay the loan after selling their horticultural produce like Soya beans, French beans, tomatoes, onions, cabbages, kales, spinach, water melons, capsicum and carrots among other horticultural crops.
Talking to Sacco Review during an exclusive interview in his office recentrly, Capital Sacco Marketing Manager, Kenneth Gitonga said: “Our Kilimo Tosha product has done wonders for horticultural farmers who are smiling all the way to the bank.”
“Capital Sacco has engaged the services of an agronomist who advises the farmers on the best horticultural practices. He also trains them on issues touching on soil nutrition, crop protection as well as other requirements,” he added.
He said the Sacco has also partnered with World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU), an international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO,) to help in getting ready markets for the horticulture products grown by their farmers by linking the farmers with the buyers.
“Kilimo Tosha product has improved the standard of linving of our members in Timau, Kibirichia, Mitunguu, Githongo and Chaaria among other places. More so, we engaged services of the agronomist to ensure our horticultural farmers benefit fully from their activities,” said Gitonga.
One of the beneficiaries of Kilimo Tosha product is Mrs. Ruth Gichunge, a horticultural farmer from Ngare Ndare area, who specializes in growing onions, French beans, cabbages, kales, capsicum and spinach among others. She does her horticulture farming in her 38 acre piece of land.
“With Kilimo Tosha loan product I’ve no stress at all in my horticulture farming. This is one of the best ever product offered to me by Capital Sacco and to my fellow horticultural farmers in this region,” Mrs Gichunge told Sacco Review.
“We call upon other horticultural farmers in Meru County who are struggling to try this product and see how it will help them to overcome any hitches they may be faced with in their farming,” Mrs. Gichunge advised.
The Capital Sacco agronomist, Denis Koome, said that with Kilimo Tosha product coupled with the best horticultural farming services offered by the Sacco, horticultural farmers in Meru County are set to reap maximum benefits from their farming activities.

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