Cooperative movement retirees urged to offer consultancy services

Gusii Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union Limited building

Retirees from the cooperative movement in Kisii and Nyamira counties have been urged to offer consultancy services for residents to benefit from their knowledge, skills and experiences.

Gusii Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union (GFCU) chairman, Peter Onsinyo said the retirees have a wealth of experience to be tapped to boost growth and development in the agricultural sector.

Consequently, he has implored the county governments to set up professional centres in various sub counties for the retirees to have a platform to offer public lectures and consultancy services.

The official, who is also Girango coffee farmers’ cooperative society was speaking at the Union’s ground during a retirement party for Kisii County Director of Cooperatives, Pamella Maasi.

“We do want the professionals to stay idle at home with their experience. They have to contribute to the growth of the sector,” Onsinyo said during the party organized by officials of the societies, the Union and savings and credit cooperative societies.

He appealed to the retirees to also embrace coffee farming, dairy and other businesses to create jobs, boost their lives and contribute to counties’ socio-economic growth and development.

The official, who chaired a 15- member Committee to organize the party urged the retirees from the movement to be role models and mentor others.

Maasi, who served for 30 years said she has embraced dairy and coffee farming, adding, she is available and ready to offer consultancy services.


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“I thank God for allowing me to work for the period and the stakeholders who supported me,” she said.

Bernard Ochieng, Deputy Director and colleague, Dr Tom Nyakweba said Pamela was visionary and contributed in the growth of the cooperative movement.

“She is good natured, guided us well and we were safe in her hands. She has left a rich legacy,” Ochieng said.

Nicholas Nyaosi, Gusii Mwalimu Sacco Deputy Executive Officer in charge of Administration and Operations lauded her for steering the movement to greater heights.

He said Pamella was visionary and urged her successor to emulate her to boost the growth of the Saccos and urged the county government to offer her advisory work.

By Emmanuel Gwakoi

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