August 17, 2022

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County govt invests in youth Saccos


By Our Reporter.

The County government is sponsoring training of more than 2,100 Boda boda riders across the county to acquire motorcycle driving licenses as well as formation of Saccos to promote their investment capacity.
It has also launched Embu Women Sacco which will offer financial loans to members at reduced interest rates. In order to facilitate the young men in the Transport sector, County Government is currently constructing and erecting Boda boda sheds in various places across the county.
This will assist the young people conduct their Boda boda transport business without the fear of extreme weather conditions. It will also serve to streamline the business by providing one central place for operation.
The County Government has also plans to form a County Jua Kali exhibition to provide Jua kali entrepreneurial training and in partnership with banks and DTMs to purchase land for the Jua Kali sector.
A dedicated Trust Fund has been set up by the County Government to boost youth business ventures and harness the energy of young people around Embu to contribute to achieving development goals while enhancing their own lives.
Establishment of Youth Funds is widely recognized as a powerful means of transforming the pace and nature of development and draws upon the inherent core values of self-help, solidarity and social cohesion.
The Trust Fund will provide the financial basis for the further design and implementation of the youth initiatives, which will ultimately involve thousands of young people supporting development activities countywide.