County seeks to revive pyrethrum Co-ops


By Azael Masese

Kisii County Co-operative Commissioner will assist the operations of farmers’ unions affiliated to the growing of pyrethrum if the production of the crop is improved.
Co-operative Commissioner Victor Kenyariri  promised that once the Agriculture Ministry spearheads improved yield, they will work out on the marketing strategies to ensure a better return from the sale of the crop.
Decline in the production of the crop severely affected the performance of the co-operative sector in the region.
There are efforts in the region to revive the growth of pyrethrum which played a critical role in the economic and social development.
Masaba Farmers Co-operative Union Manager Kennedy Ongiri said key among this is the distribution of seeds and splits to interested farmers.
Gesima Farmers Co-operative Union Manager Joyce Moraa said that both the old and the young are interested in growing the crop, adding that low production has hampered prompt payment for the farmers’ deliveries hence affecting the operations of co-operatives.
At the peak of pyrethrum production, the co-operative movement was vibrant. Unions affiliated to Masaba Co-operative had healthy balance sheets and their assured payments enabled societies to invest in properties in key towns in the region and Nakuru.
Moraa said they are putting up an eight-storey building in Kisii town which would improve more than 1600 members’ returns from their investment.
Another notable property owned by a co-operative society that grew the crop is the Masimba Plaza, owned by Masimba Farmers Co-operative Union.
Schools in pyrethrum growing areas such as Masimba Secondary, Nyanturago High and Ibacho High have been overtaken by relatively new schools such as Amabuko and Hema Secondary schools.

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