Enea Sacco to open more branches


Apr 2, 2017

By Kiptanui Rutto.

Enea Sacco plans to open more branches in the coming months in a bid to increase its membership and reach more markets.
Although it was established by farmers in Mathira, Enea Sacco has since opened its common bond and has attracted members from the Business sector as well as those in salaried employment.
Leonard Kibara (pictured), the Enea Sacco Acting Chief Executive Officer told Sacco Review in his Rhino House branch office in Karatina town that the Sacco aims to mobilize more savings and deposits so as to provide affordable credit to members. This is in addition to putting in place sound management structures that will meet expectations of members.
Established in 2000 as Mathira Farmers Sacco and rebranding two years later to Enea Sacco, the society has spread its tentacles like the name suggests to all parts of the local community residing in the county. It now stands out as a shining star in the county as a provider of financial services.
With over 26,000 members, Enea Sacco has two branches in Kiamariga town and Rhino House. Its head office is at Kiangararu House situated along the Karatina-Nairobi Highway.
“We have made huge investments in technology which enables our members to transact using mobile phones. We will soon begin offering agency banking and have also partnered with Co-operative Bank to enable us issue VISA cards to members,” said Mr Kibara in response to questions why the Sacco has fewer branches.
He said that Enea Sacco is targeting to recruit more members especially youth and women. “Although the Bodaboda business is operated by the youth, most of them do not have savings from the trade. We are giving them loans to acquire motorbikes after saving only Sh20,000 for a Sh100,000 loan,” said Mr Kibara.

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