First Halal expo held in Kenya


Feb 21, 2017

By Amoto Dennis
The first ever Halal
exhibition in
Kenya came to
a close at the Kenya
International Convention
Centre (KICC) in
Nairobi recently with a
call on all Muslims in
the country to tap into
the Halal conscious
Tourism Cabinet
Secretary Najib
Balala who was the
chief guest at the expo
which attracted businesses
owned by Kenyans
of different faith
and backgrounds said
there’s a growing need
for investment in Halal
“Halal is bridging
the gap for fair trade
and it is an emerging
market throughout the
world,” the CS said.
Halal economy
which refers to what is
permitted or lawful in
Islam and is used
in reference to food
and life style products
include clothing, pharmaceuticals
items as
well as cosmetics and
personal care is on the
rise. Dubbed Halal
hub, the expo was the
first of its kind on the
continent that brought
together businesses
that provide products
and services that promote
fair and ethical
The expo was
aimed at showcasing
the emerging dynamics
of Halal products and
services in Kenya and
the region. Kenya embraced
Islamic Finance
in 2008.
“Though the statistics
on the size of
the Halal economy in
the country remains
scanty, its huge potential
is undisputable,’’
said a statement from
the organizers.

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