Form Saccos, aspirant urges Garissa women


Aug 16, 2017

By Amoto Dennis.

Garissa County Woman Representative aspirant, Maryam Sheikh Abdi who is contesting the woman representative seat on a Thirdway Alliance Kenya ticket, has advised women to form Saccos to enable them acquire funds from the Women Enterprise Fund.
She said the setting up of the fund is a noble Government endeavour meant for the economic empowerment of women.
Addressing business women at Suk Qurahe, Sheikh advised women not to fear taking loans.
“Form saccos so that you may take loans at low interest rates. from the fund. The fund charges low interest rates compared to commercial banks,” she noted.
She said that the womenfolk were enterprising and should be encouraged to start small scale businesses of their own.
“For those who need financial literacy, I welcome to join my foundation to enable you become your own managerial masters,’’ said Sheikh.
“The country’s economy has been liberalised and devolved and as such the women folk should take such opportunities in the nick of time. In other regions the womenfolk and the youth are making a lot of money,” she noted.
Anab Mohamed, a business woman based in Liboi, near the Kenya Somalia border noted that if other ladies can emulate her and her colleague by selling locally produced products like mats, milk and livestock, they will be able earn livelihoods instead of depending on hand-outs.

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