August 17, 2022

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The Leading Newspaper for Co-operative Movement in Kenya

Gastameco Sacco rebrands to Biashara Tosha


By Munene Maina

Rural-based Gastemeco Sacco has now changed its name to Biashara Tosha Sacco as it sets out on a new growth path that will enable the Society become more reputable, expand its reach beyond Embu County and improve service delivery to members.
Biashara Tosha, established, eleven years ago in Manyatta Sub County, Meru, is seeking to revitalize and achieve higher growth targets and better living standards of its members.
Wincate Njiru, Biashara Tosha CEO said the Society has made significant progress in its growth and development as well as introduction of new products and services to members.
The Society is on the list of Deposit-Taking Saccos licensed and supervised by the Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA).
Biashara Sacco offers coffee loans as well as loans for development, microfinance and maziwa loans. Its banking products include short and long term salary advances as well as crop advance.