Grafco Sacco strives to improve livelihoods


By Munene Maina

Grafco Sacco has distinguished itself as a financial institution that is capable of offering quality, affordable, innovative and diversified products and services to its members. It is for this reason the Sacco has morphed from a self-help group to a reputable savings and credit Co-operative society.
“Our main goal is to reduce poverty by providing financial services to those engaged in farming and other business activities,” said Mrs Tabitha Githechi, Grafco Sacco CEO.
Mrs. Githechi added that Grafco Sacco has developed financial products that are tailor-made to improve one’s economic livelihood and standard of living.
“The Sacco is committed to seek and do research on products that are capable of transforming lives and this is why we are always on the lookout for ways of providing better products and services to members” said Mrs Githechi.
Headquartered in Limuru, Grafco Sacco has been experiencing impressive growth and has attracted the attention of farmers-who form over 80 per cent of its entire membership.
The Sacco is presently offering agricultural value chain, a unique programme that ensures farmers are guaranteed adequate prices for their produce as well as affordable farm inputs.
“We aim to ensure our members engage in farming as a profitable business venture and are able to provide adequately for their family needs from the farm proceeds, improve the living conditions of the surrounding community and create more employment opportunities,” said Mrs Githechi.
She said Grafco Sacco is educating farmers on good farming methods, providing guaranteed prices for their produce and assisting them acquire affordable farm inputs and access extension services, business skills and affordable cash.
This value chain linked financing module include training and mentorship, how to access, affordable credit, quality and affordable value addition services, inputs, suppliers, advocacy services, technical advice and support. Farmers targeted are those engaged in dairy, poultry and greenhouse activities.

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