IT savvy Saccos endorse Tangazoletu Ltd.

BySacco Review

Jun 20, 2018

Tai Sacco

For us as Tai Sacco, the services rendered by Tangazoletu Ltd are satisfactory. Our experience with Tangazoletu is that through their services, we have seen Improved Financial Performance, Improved Customer Service and Increased outreach.gga
Tangazoletu has given Tai Sacco a competitive edge over other Saccos. It has helped us realize Better Decision-Making through BI Features analysis of data.
Use of Tangazoletu Ltd services has led to increased automation and use of data strategically to reduce risks, reduced costs through cheaper platforms, Increased membership & Collaborations with the unbanked and Supported the deployment of highly focused products and services.
Tangazoletu Ltd has further supported us to optimize ICT through provision of innovative product/services like Spotcash & E-loan, Decrease in overheads and cost through provision of technological driven products and their ability to provide technological powered support services
For those yet to acquire Tangazoletu Ltd services, I tell them that Tangazoletu is the best Innovative financial technology solution provider for Saccos.

Qwetu Sacco

Tangazoletu Limited services are of good quality ggband they have allowed our members to have their money whenever they are. As our provider for ICT driven services, it has enabled our Sacco members to get alerts on any services affecting their accounts. We also use this service to control cash flow as a Sacco.
I will tell for free Saccos yet to acquire Tangazoletu Ltd services to make a decision and come onboard. For Qwetu Sacco, it has really helped us for the years we have used it. Tangazoletu Ltd support and services are very good. Our experience with Spotcash has been excellent. We have actually been able to mobilize our customers some of who are not able to make it to the bank. That is even of essence for us embracing Spotcash so that we can clear the banking hall and still afford the members the services that they require.

2NK Sacco

Tangazoletu Ltd services have really worked for us especially for our customers who are out of Nyeri given that we do not have a branch but we are still able to serve them like they were transacting from our branch. It pretty much has helped us clear our banking hall as well as serve our members efficiently.
Since we enlisted Tangazoletu Ltd services, we have experienced growth and the fact that members have been able to access their accounts from far has increased their confidence in the Sacco. That has also earned us customers out of Nyeri County.ggc
On the ICT optimization front, they have come up with very innovative products some of which we have embraced and some which we are yet to embrace because we are in the process of enhancing our core banking system. But they keep innovating products that are excellent for customers like the E-loan which is really a good thing and if they continue like this, I believe they will be able to help Saccos grow and optimize theirTech Solutions.
For Saccos yet to seek it they should try Tangazoletu Ltd services especially the Spotcash which is reliable, efficient and it will also help grow their customer base because the services, to be very honest, are very efficient.

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