August 17, 2022

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KCB and Bidco to train women, youth in agri-business

The Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Gender and Youth Affairs, Sicily Kariuki with BIDCO Africa CEO, Vimal Shah after the signing of a partnership to empower women and youth at the BIDCO headquarters


By James Wakahiu

More than 1, 000 youth will benefit from a Sh50 billion techni­cal training support and market linkages under an entrepre­neurship programme dubbed 2jiajiri by the Kenya Commer­cial Bank (KCB) in collabora­tion with Bidco Oil Refineries Limited.

Under the partnership, KCB will offer the technical capac­ity building and Bidco will provide a guaranteed market for the entrepreneurs’ products across identified value chains.

As a result over 900 youth will have the skills and exper­tise needed to enter and grow ready markets such as sunflow­er, soya beans and oil seed.

“As private sector players, we have synergies to be shared through partnerships and col­laborations with others in order to assist the country to develop its economy and tackle youth unemployment,” said Jane Mwangi, KCB Foundation Marketing Director.

Ms. Mwangi said that to further enhance this partner­ship, KCB foundation will pro­vide field based competency skilling of youths in the fields of agriculture, construction, beauty and personal services, automobile and domestic ser­vices.

The partnership will see Bidco offer internship oppor­tunities to over 1,500 2jiajiri beneficiaries over the next 5 years. Ms. Mwangi said the 2jiajiri programme is informed by the belief that the youth hold the key to build­ing a stron­ger and better country.

“It is this convic­tion that led us to develop a programme that strate­gically en­gages the youth in a way that will propel them to be self-reliant, pro­ductive citizens with visions of brighter future not only for themselves but for generations to come,” said Ms. Mwangi.

Vimal Shah, the Chief Ex­ecutive Officer at Bidco Af­rica said the partnership with KCB will provide the youth with direct access to markets and eliminating middlemen. “Farmers need access to mar­kets and not handouts. We thus need to convert farmers to agri-preneurs because this is the only way that the eco­nomic standards can be trans­formed,” said Shah.