Kisumu plans to improve management of co-operatives


By Erick Nyayiera

Kisumu County has outlined strategic measures to improve the performance of the Saccos.

County Ushirika Council chairman Edward Matoke noted that they are working towards streamlining leadership of the potential cooperative societies including the merger of the small and unviable co-operatives.

“We have numerous small uneconomical co-operative societies which must be merged so that they can be productive,” Matoke said.

He added they are focusing on capacity building and having co-operative societies be involved in the sugar industry including promoting the youth involvement in the movement.

Matoke noted that the cotton industry’s poor performance is due to loss of members’ confidence in the societies overdue payments.

“Rice and Sugar Cane Co-operatives face the challenge of high cost of inputs, marketing problems, outstanding loans and leadership wrangles,” he added.

Fishing co-operatives are also facing numerous challenges.

Matoke observed that the potential for the co-operative growth and development in the county is enormous.

The County has seen the increase of Matatu and Tuk-Tuk Saccos in recent years.

According to Matoke some of the challenges that the co-operative sector is facing in Kisumu include non- remittance of employees deductions by employers to the Saccos.

“We have had negative publicity in the past as a result of a few individuals; we will ensure we protect members from the criminals,” he said.

Matoke observed that there is need to enhance members’ education since some people have joined co-operative societies with limited understanding of the business model.

During the celebrations Agro-Chemical Sacco was awarded trophy for the best managed Society in the County. KITE Sacco won prize for the most improved co-operative society, Kenya Bankers Sacco received award as the most improved Sacco and Stima Sacco was feted as the most innovative Sacco.

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