Mentor Sacco’s offer of quality livestock to Murang’a dairy farmers


May 11, 2017

By Daniel Njoroge.

Muranga-based Mentor Sacco Society Limited recently introduced a product through which dairy farmers will access quality animals on credit and enable them boost their milk production.
This cow ownership credit programme is a financial package offered to dairy farmers by the Sacco in collaboration with Muranga County Government. “The County Government is acting as the guarantor and is liable in the event that a farmer defaults. The facility provides cash to farmers to enable them purchase quality animals under the Muranga Milk Production Programme,” said Simon Mukunu- Chairman Mentor Sacco Limited.
“Dairy farmers who qualify for credit must first be certified by their respective dairy co-operative societies under the umbrella Muranga Co-operative Creameries (MCC),” said Alex Irungu, Chief Executive, Mentor Sacco Society Limited.
Breeders who quality for credit are expected to pay 4 per cent of a dairy cow’s purchase price as insurance cover against all possible risks. All advanced credit is repaid through proceeds from milk delivered to MCC. “Some 215 high grade cows have so far been bought by farmers under this programme, at a cost of Sh 28 million,” said Irungu.
Addressing dairy farmers at Gakoigo Stadium recently, Muranga Governor Mwangi wa Iria expressed his satisfaction at the support the initiative had received from residents in the region.
Mwangi gave assurances that the initiative will enable local residents acquire better quality animals thus boost milk production. He also disclosed that the programme will soon be expanded to cover the entire milk production value chain from quality of dairy animals to milk processing. The idea is to enable local dairy farmers improve their earnings as well as boost the County Government revenue.

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