Nawiri Sacco improves its CSR programme to better lives


Mar 27, 2017

By Kamundia Muriithi.

Nawiri Sacco Societies Limited has upped its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes to improve livelihoods of the surrounding communities in the County.
The Society is involved in giving out bursaries to needy school children, tree planting exercises, giving donations to foster homes and providing free training to members.
“We actively participate in numerous social and economic activities including making cash and material donations to foster homes and rehabilitation centres,” said John Murithi, Nawiri Sacco’s Marketing and Public Relations Manager.
Muriithi disclosed that Nawiri Sacco has made donations to Kevote Rehabilitation Unit in Gaturi, Kivuria Small Home in Kyeni, St. Stephen Children’s Home Majimbo, Embu Children’s Home and Toto Love Children’s Home in Spring Valley, Embu Town.

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