Plan to improve Saccos in Kisumu County unveiled


May 24, 2017

By Staff Reporter.

Chairman of Ushirika Council, Edward Matoke has said plans are underway to ensure Sacco societies within Kisumu County are productive and active.
Matoke said that Ushirika Council has set future plans to be implemented before they celebrate the next Ushirika Day which includes offering the communal service to the public as a way of sensitizing them on the importance of Sacco societies to them.
He added that there is great need for the Sacco to organize County Cooperative forums to exchange ideas and encourage bonding and which can only be achieved by partnering with the County Government of Kisumu through the Ministry of Industrialization, Energy and Enterprise.
Matoke revealed that the Ushirika Council has launched an initiative to buy at least one plot for its members within Kisumu County as a way of motivating the members and rewarding them for their hard work.
He also challenged the County Cooperatives to organise ball games as a way of bringing together different people to join the Saccos and promote harmony among members.
However, the Ushirika Council chair, lamented that low savings is a major challenge facing local Saccos.
He appealed to members of the Saccos to encourage one another to save to boost strengthen their Saccos.
“It is gratifying to note that some Saccos have embraced Information Technology to reach out to more members,” he said.
“Saccos are currently working with the Credit Reference Bureau to make sure that they eliminate the defaulters,” he said.

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